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My name is Fiona Harris and my husband Steve and I own Vila Margarida

Please either email the address below or complete the form to contact us to ask any questions you might have about Vila Margarida 

If you would like to book then again please email the address below or send a message via the form below. We remind not to assume you have booked or reserved any dates simply by completing the form. Please wait for confirmation that those dates are available before making any travel plans

I am happy to take bookings direct and will normally reply within 24 hours confirming whether the dates that you require are available. I would then email a booking form to you and ask for that to be returned along with a payment of 25% of the rental sum to confirm the booking. I can normally hold dates for you for 5 days to allow you to get the form and payment to me

I am equally happy to take bookings via the various online platforms where we advertise Vila Margarida (see below) 

Some people feel more comfortable booking that way and paying by credit card and I completely understand this. If you would like to book via those sites please feel free to search Vila Margarida, Praia da Luz on or Tripadvisor. If booking via these sites please note that the rate you will pay will be slightly higher as they all add their own administration fees and we have no control over that aspect.

Write to us at or simply fill this form and we’ll get back to you shortly:

Thanks for submitting!


Booking Via an Online Platform

We understand that sometimes it can be a little scary booking direct with the owners-after all, if you haven't booked with us before, we are complete strangers!

For that reason we also offer the option to book via two popular online website platforms, Tripadvisor and VRBO (vacation rental by owner). The links to Vila Margarida on those sites are below-click on the website you prefer to take a look. 

If you book using those sites then the rental rates we charge are exactly the same.

You will pay a bit more because they add their fee on top of our rental charge so the price you will be quoted via those platforms will be a bit higher. It does however give you the protection of booking via recognised names in the online travel market and also allows you the flexibility to pay by credit card. 

We welcome your booking whichever way you decide to book!

Tripadvisor Vila Margarida link please click here 

VRBO Vila Margarida property number 74470 -link please click here

We are delighted and proud to have been named a Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' Choice Award Winner. This award is granted based on a combination of excellent guest reviews and responsiveness to enquiries and booking requests.

Vila Margarida-your home from home in the sun
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