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Walking from Praia da Luz to Burgau - and maybe back?

The walk from Luz to Burgau and back is a delight. Burgau is the next village along the coast to the West from Praia da Luz. It is a very pretty picturesque little fishing village which still has fishing boats down at the seafront that are regularly used. The roads down to Burgau are steep which adds to its quaint and beautiful charm, but can make walking back up from the beach hot work on a summer day!!

The views walking along the coast between the 2 villages are spectacular. Once you leave Luz or Burgau, depending on which way you are doing the walk, the path is mainly on dust tracks through low vegetation and over rocky ledges. The path is quite clearly marked with turquoise and green markings that are used along the route which continues along a stretch of the western Algarve. Sometimes these markings are on posts set into the ground , others are simply sprayed on prominent rocks on the route-see photos. The path can be quite uneven in places so good footwear and reasonable agility and fitness is required, but it is certainly a walk and not a climb. There is one fairly steep hill between the 2 resorts, but taken slowly it is not too challenging.

I enjoy the walk far more in winter, spring or autumn. In summer you either need to start early or ensure you take a hat, sunscreen lotion and a drink with you. There is little shade on the walk and no cafes or drink stops between the 2 resorts. It is approximately 5km walk each way, more like 6km if you go right into the centre of each place.

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