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Walks Around Praia da Luz - Praia da Luz to Porto de Mos

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

If you like walking then there are some wonderful coastal walks that you can easily access from Vila Margarida. You can walk along the clifftops from Praia da Luz past 'The Monument' to the most westerly of the Lagos beaches -the beach of Porto de Mos. The monument is set on the clifftop overlooking Praia da Luz and is a popular landmark. It is actually a triangulation point and is properly called Talefo da Atalaia, but everyone calls it 'the monument'.

This is a very scenic walk, but quite a climb up to the clifftop at the start and then a steady but relatively steep walk down to the beach of Porto de Mos at the far end. The views make the climbs very worthwhile if you can manage them. It probably isn't ideal for anyone with limited mobility or very small children. If you do go up with young children you will want to keep a tight hold of them as these are proper cliffs with steep drops!

You will get beautiful views back over Praia da Luz and you can try to spot Vila Margarida from the clifftop!

Once up at the Talefo or monument it is actually quite flat terrain-but watch out and keep hold of children as its a steep and long drop from the edge!

You can look down on the Rocha Negra or black rock which is a very distinctive landmark at the eastern end of the bay.

When you reach the beach at Porto de Mos you might want to have a swim or a snack or even a slap up lunch! There are a couple of restaurants/beach bars and we love to stop at Antonios where the seafood is delicious.

You can then either walk back or perhaps take a taxi if you prefer!!

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